Tuesday, May 29, 2007


This morning I saw every shade of blue ever imagined, watching the the ocean grow light on the shore of Monterosso, one of the five small fishing villages that make up Cinque Terre. We took the night train from Roma last night and got in around 5am, as we stepped off the train we were immediatly greated with a view of one of the most magnificent and peaceful beaches I have ever seen. Until the shops and hotels opened up at around 8am, we sat and stared at the ocean - and have done nothing more the rest of the day! An entire day of nothing but soaking up the beauty around us and trying to order food in a town where no one speaks a lick of English. Its really incredible. We are staying at the most wonderful hotel as well, it was recommended to us by some fellow backpackers and after hiking our way up to the old town we saw that it was entirely perfect, a lovely courtyard with every kind of flower and lemon trees, a beautiful cafe where they serve breakfast in the mornings, and pristine rooms with the cleanest bathrooms I have seen this whole trip! Even though the weather has been chilly and cloudy, it has still been the most wonderful day, doing absolutly nothing in paradise. Dinner was at a beautiful restraunt having gnocchi with pesto (this is where pesto was created!) overlooking the ocean. I have never been so relaxed, I love this place.

Tomorrow we attempt the 5 hour hike through the length of Cinque Terre and then take the train back tomorrow evening. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, I am very glad I bought jeans and sneakers in Rome, I heard the first section of the hike is really difficult (but sooo beautiful!)

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Rena said...

Are you sure you want to come home? Lovely read Michelle : )