Saturday, June 2, 2007


No free internet here either so this must be short for now -

We arrived in Santorini this evening by ferry from Athens. We had expected the worst - a 10 hour ferry with deck seats, thinking that meant we would be hearded like cattle into rows of wooden chairs crowded onto the top of the boat. Turns out we got the royal treatment instead for our 25 euro economy class tickets! We were in a very cushy lounge with so much room that I slept on a couch for most of the trip and we had suits waitig on us and exceptional customer service and comfort. I loved it!
When we got here we were greeted by a representative from our hostel (13 euro a night for a private room and bathroom!) and they had a van take us to the very nice hostel. I had no idea Santorini would be so easy, cheap, and cushy! So far, incredibly beautiful, cant wait to see it in the daylight tomorrow! Great black sand beaches and all that youd expect from Greece - rows of white houses and lovely colors.

Unfortunatly had a little trouble getting a flight to London to get our flight home to the states but hopefully that is worked out now, maybe a little more costly than I would have liked but you do what you must!

Ciao for now

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