Friday, June 1, 2007


The last day in cinque terre was wonderful - went on the most amazing hike, along the coast, through fields of flowers, forrest, and tiny villages. What I thought would be an easy hour or so hike turned out to be a 4 hour really difficult hike, but so so rewarding.

It took us an entire day to travel to Greece, taking the train to Parma, a plane to Rome, then a plane to Athens. Wow, I had no idea how difficult it would be to get around! Greek is impossible to read, speak or understand and even though we're in Athens there is hardly any English. The metro is not very well laid out or marked, making it really hard to get around. Though I wasnt expecting so much difficulty and its been pretty stressful to get around, its a good experience. Though I am very excited to get to Santorini today! Its a long (about 9 hour) ferry there, but I booked the hostel last night and ferrys run pretty frequently so it should be fairly easy to get over there.

Last night we had a ridiculously delicious dinner at a nice Greek tavern - the food was incredible! I had no idea I would like Greek food so much!

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