Friday, June 8, 2007


Its been a long time since I've been able to post because there is very little internet in the Greek Islands that we were on (which is actually part of the charm). We were on Santirini for 2 nights which was not nearly enough time and then went to Ios, one of my new favorite places in the world. Now we are in Athens waiting for our flight to London and missing the islands already. The best thing about Ios is the ease of it all. There is nothing to see and nothing to do, no attractions or sights, ancient monuments or museums. All there is on Ios is a few beautiful beaches, fantastic people, and a great nightlife. The city is lovely as well, traditional white buildings and byzantine churches, cliffs that jut right up to the ocean, azzure water still as a swimming pool, and perfect white sand. The island almost seems to be a resort for backpackers to go to relax after travelling. Our hostel, Francesco's, had incredible people staying there and we made great friends with a bunch of Brits, a couple Aussies, and some Canadians. We had a wonderful time and I already miss them, and the island, dearly. Our days were so routine and predictable - we sleep in, go to the Ios bakery for a yummy pastry, walk the 20 minutes to the beach, come back, shower, get a gyro for dinner from Porky's (yep, they even had vegetarian ones!), and then spend the night hanging out, dancing, and watching the sun rise before heading back to bed. Yes - definatly my kind of life. One day 5 of us rented a car (a little Fiat Panda) to explore the island, saw the old monastary, Homer's tomb (possibly), and some of the more secluded beaches. Oh, and a lot of goats! All over the road, not scared of cars or the horn one bit. I also learned that British and American is not the same language one bit, I had as hard of a time understanding them as the French Canadians who were there as well, though I did learn quite a bit of British English, the slang and the accent.

Now we are in Athens, took the ferry over with our new Canadian friends and got dinner with them in Plaka, the main district of shops and restraunts, and tomorrow head to London!

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